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Legion Rules.

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Legion Rules. Empty Legion Rules.

Post by Terapayne 17/3/2012, 1:37 pm

By joining Inspiration you agree to follow the rules stated within this thread. These rules are put in place to protect our legion from any harmful intent. We wish for our legion to be a pleasant experience for everyone involved. Enjoy reading, and if you have questions; never hesitate to ask! Smile

1. All runs, whether they be BT, UDAS, SR, NTC or even the likes of Draupnir Cave must be discussed and shared with the legion first. Please ask legion members if they need/wish to go before going to LFG. This includes world bosses such as Bollvig.

2. Do not under any circumstance argue with or disrespect any other legion member

3. If you have issues with members within the legion, please call the Brigade General (Verdrinn) or any of our Deputies (Myself, Madbiker, Ladyice) to help resolve the issue.

4. When depositing or withdrawing from the Legion Warehouse, let someone of the following rank or higher know.

5. Always be thoughtful of the other members. This means, when asking for help, please don't get ratty if no one answers right away, people may be busy crafting or otherwise doing runs. On the flip side, try to not ignore fellow legion members if they are in need of help, let them know you are busy, or assure them you will help when you can.

No member is to be left behind. This is our ultimate goal. We work together, we grow together. I hope these rules help highlight that. We are here for you, respect that and return the favour in kind. If the rules are not followed, you will be warned. If the reasons are good enough, you will be removed without warning

Regarding promotions!!

Promotions will be granted to those who have proven to be faithful and loyal to our legion. This topic has left confusion in the past. I WILL clear this up now.

Volunteer to Legionary:

You will be granted the promotion from Volunteer to Legionary after we have seen sufficient evidence that you are a loyal member with room to grow. If granted the title Legionary you should take solace in the fact that we have recognised your talents and enjoy having you as part of our team. We would be happy to keep you around longer! Smile

Legionary to Centurion:
You will be granted this title once you have happily settled in the legion. Legion members who gain this title have proven their worth. They have helped out both the lower legion members and high levels however they can (this doesn't always mean major sacrifices or crafting for the legion. It includes spending time with the legion members to help level, quest or otherwise make others feel welcome and wanted). They have been pleasant throughout their stay and are active. A real loyal member. This this title comes with the permission to invite others to the legion. We ask you to do so with caution, help our legion grow, choose only the right members who will not bring ill intent.

Centurion to Deputy:
Our current deputies are so because they are co-founders of our legion. However, this title can be earned. With enough passion, help and thoughtfulness any of our members can receive this title. It is the highest standard, should you wish to reach for it, and yes we look at this as an honour and take it seriously. We should think you will too. To meet the requirements for this goes beyond any before. Expand on the Centurion title. Be there for the legion when no one else can, offer help even if it doesn't suit you best. Treat each member as a part of your family, as I do. There is a minim of 5 months active legion duties to earn this title. But with it comes all permission rights (invite, kick, legion warehouse withdrawal and the use of artefacts during siege)

Kicking people from the legion is of the Deputies and Brigade Generals responsibility. Talks should be done before kicking any member, however! If there is sufficient reason for someone to be kicked without the need to speak to other members we will allow it on certain occasions (mostly only for the protection of our current members, or if members are found to be cheating/hacking in any sort of way).

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